What if?

Hello, welcome to my world of unusual thoughts! 🤡 I would like to talk about some of the weirdest thoughts I have had! Feel free to share if you are one like me 😉

Some of them wouldn’t even make some sense, more kiddish, sickish types! 🤮

Some thoughts were in dream. I used to think of some whenever I am idle, just like now when I wanted to type them out! 🤓

My thoughts go like, what if?

  • What if the Moon changes its colour?
  • What if Mother Nature roleplays to be Father Nature? 😇
  • What if planets change their position?
  • What if the clock stops ticking?
  • What if all the engines on Earth go on a strike?
  • What if trees take a break?
  • What if I sleep for more than 24 hours? 🤩
  • What if I become alien?
  • What if the marine animals want to live in land?
  • What if I see somebody invisible?
  • What if Dinosaurs are back?
  • What if sea plays hide & seek?
  • What If I can play dual roles?
  • What if animals start talking?
  • What if a snake enters my ear? 🥺
  • What if I can time travel?
  • What if there is no satellite?
  • What if I am not visible in mirror?
  • What if Earth takes sick leave?
  • What if all the dead people come alive? 😱
  • What if there was no internet?
  • What if MH370 passengers are alive out somewhere? 🙏🏻 (Strongly wish though!)
  • What if I am the God?

I still wonder if they are just some uncanny thoughts or are they fear? Phobia types?

Have you had one too? Please have a say at the comments.. and, Thanks for reading 🙂

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