‘Catch my quotes’ – 1

Zany me! Some of my crappy thoughts have been shortened into so called “quotes”. 😎

Life is a math, plus or minus, you will see the result! 🀨


Be +ve! it truly adds something for you πŸ€”


Drink driving? Ready for burying? πŸ‘Ώ


Trust your heart, it keeps you alive πŸ€—


Plunk or Plank, it is hard work! πŸ˜“


When opposites attract, expect a rainbow πŸ™„


Remember the help, give help, you will be remembered! πŸ‘


Drunk and drive? License to deprive! 😱


Laughter and smiles help you going miles πŸ˜†


Mind-boggling ideas? Don’t mind to start a blog! 🀣


Mine here refers to me, minenmineonly aka Ahtees

Note – These are just my thoughts from my mind! They have not been copied from elsewhere. Chances are there that somebody else out there might have got similar words or thoughts, but I can assure that these are just Mine!

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