Super foods for babies!

~Tried and Tested~

These are some of the Foods that have been suggested by Doctors and other websites. To me, I have personally tried each one of these and found them to be truly good. 🤩

Whenever you start solid, start with one food at a time and at one time of a day especially mornings, followed by breast milk.

Breast milk is the best until 1 year or at-least 6 months! 
(My own experience too!)

Few tips when starting with solids —

  • Prefer cooked form of any Food*
  • Choose the method – Puree / Mashed / Finger Food.
  • Always watch what goes in! Keep an eye on the kid to avoid choking hazard!

*Foods like Avocados, Bananas, Berries etc. need not be cooked as it spoils the texture and its nature.

I am not preaching anything in here. These are just my thoughts from my own experiences.

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