Quit FB – Here are my top 10 reasons!

All I am talking is about my FB wall that has some extra-ordinary contents!!

I am sure you might have been there too, please let me know 😎

Amazing hair transformations / make-up tutorials leaving you quizzical! 🧐

Guaranteed emotional videos making you crestfallen for at-least 1 week! 🀯

Factual contents making you think about taking a career in Bollywood! 😡

Apprehensive about a missing child who would have been found some 5 years back! 😑

Education sites detailing on secret affairs from the Film / Corporate industry! πŸ˜–

DIY videos with greater abilities turning fire-extinguisher to storage box — Beware! 😱

Tom, Dick, & Harry advising about raising children, relationship / attitude issues! 😰.. and the list is endless!

Exercise and health regime tips from a 100yo, promising you a 100% heart-break! πŸ’”

Newbies sharing FB giving away 1$ for every share, like their “helloworld” intro! 😳

Trending videos like Nesamani, some irrational hashtags increasing your BP! πŸ‘Ώ

Not to miss the challenge videos! Yes, here I am challenging myself to stop visiting FB again! 😜

Disclaimer – These thoughts are purely intended for fun and nothing else! No offence intended.

6 thoughts on “Quit FB – Here are my top 10 reasons!

    1. Good on you πŸ™‚ Truly wish, I was satisfied like you! I now happily realise I had stopped with FB and didn’t go further with twitter or insta πŸ˜‰


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