O-waste, E-waste – Do You Know?

When it comes to recycling, gotta get this right — Segregation!

Id est — Pizza remains to be thrown in the Garbage (Red bin) or Organics (Green bin) and the box in the Recyclable (Yellow bin).

Thought of sharing tips on recyclables since I had personally visited a CRC.

  1. E-waste – Batteries, Chargers, Mobiles, Cables, Bulbs – Check for CRC near you!
  2. Organic waste – Food waste, Garden waste – Check for CRC near you!
  3. Plastics – Not all plastics are recycled, please check for this symbol – ♻️
    • Wash the container/ Scrape off food before dropping them for recycling.
  4. Metals & Glasses – Sauce bottles, Juice bottles, Tin, Aluminium trays, Cans.
    • Windows, Mirrors are NOT OK!
  5. Papers – Junk mails, Cardboards, Cartons, Cards, Books, Brochures, Paper bags.
    • NO to Paper plates & Tissues / Serviettes.

Tip – Never drop Cloths, Plastic bags / toys, Nappies, Bubble Wrap for recycling !

*CRC – Community Recycling Centre – https://recyclingnearyou.com.au/

I have just given a gist, please check Govt. websites for more details.

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