Eve behind the wheel!

Traits of a Woman driver!

A fun post with some eerie details! Please feel free to share your personal experience πŸ˜‰

Why would the GPS show me an alternate route every 5 minutes?

I better stay in the right lane, need to turn right in just 35kms.

High beam !?! Hell is on your way!

You brobdingnagians trucks – You never fail to hide my traffic light view!

Thank God! This mirror doesn’t show my face, can focus on the road.

Are you nuts? Sign board reads No Left, but you insist! My man does it better!

Phone, stop ringing! Only place I cannot multi-task is when I am on the Steering.

Why me? I just followed the others! Gotta dispute this TICKET!

Pink slip for a car? Clueless! Gotta Google before hubby makes it a big deal!

*Screeech* . *Bang* .. *Crashhh* .. Relax! it’s just a little dent again!

Where the heck is the fourth exit? Took me about 5 rounds! Gave up and took U-turn!

*Sigh* GPS-signal-lost, End of World!

Disclaimer – These thoughts are purely intended for fun and nothing else! No offence intended.

10 thoughts on “Eve behind the wheel!

  1. The first time I used GPS it had me continuing to pass my destination, make a u-turn, pass it again, u-turn, I finally gave up and just looked for places I’d been given as clues, by the destination person, instead. I have a Gamin now and it seems to give clearer directions than Google.

    Great post!

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