Need of the hour!

Just another colour!

You are achromatic, You are white!

You are no superior, You are just another colour!

Re-blogging my own post — Originally posted on Dec 5 2019!

A face to face!

Experts observe you are a protein, shouldn’t you be doing good?

Kids feel you are a monster!

Optimists identify it is time to reinvent themselves.

Leaders accuse you were created in a lab!

Antagonists gossip you are just another conspiracy.

Believers deem you are a messenger!

Nature lovers perceive its our Mother Nature rectifying the enough damage.

Who really are you?

Let me pencil you down! Bet you, Corona!

No offence intended, this is just a fun post!

Meanwhile in Oz!

Say no to racism!

This is just my humble thought against racism and no offence intended!

Hope everyone is safe! Sincere thanks to all the health care workers, cleaners and all other fellow humans who are striving hard to help each other.

This too shall pass and let us continue to respect our nature as we are doing today!

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