A face to face!

Experts observe you are a protein, shouldn’t you be doing good?

Kids feel you are a monster!

Optimists identify it is time to reinvent themselves.

Leaders accuse you were created in a lab!

Antagonists gossip you are just another conspiracy.

Believers deem you are a messenger!

Nature lovers perceive its our Mother Nature rectifying the enough damage.

Who really are you?

Let me pencil you down! Bet you, Corona!

No offence intended, this is just a fun post!

Playing with colours!

Colour theory – It is an addiction!

Ask yourself

My abstract seems agonised, do you differ? Please let me know 🙂

Hands-on paints!

Struck me like an unicorn in the woods

Prowling like a night-owl

Beating my brains and blowing my mind

Couldn’t let go of you!

Caught you in here, My dear abstract!

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