Footsteps of Life!

Wherever the journey commenced,

Whichever direction travelled,

The destination is no different!

Senses of our Nature! ;)

Air your problem, talk them through

Fire your ideas, blow your own trumpet

Water your relations, keep in touch

Space your enemies, watch them fall

Earth your ego, listen to others

Awaiting your spell!

I pray when you grey

I bud when you drip

I bloom when you gloom

I sprout when you spurt

Awaiting your spell!

A compelling seat!

A soothing embrace

breezing solace

on a waving paradise!

Soul Spectrum!

You shine revealing my tinge!

Your beam gives me gleam!

You glint at my tint!

Your rays lay my ways!

You part taking away my art!

Wish I could serve like you!

Being busy, You produce honey!

Being tiny, You act mighty!

Being buzzy, You serve humanity!

Kudos Bumble bee!

Don’t you drop!

You droplets!!!

You fall free

You blend easy

You go with the flow

Your life is peppy

You disappear magically!

— Envy you!

Call it a day!

I am almost there, still you defy me!
You are to suffer, when will you realise?
Give me time and I shall give you energy!
Call it a day, take me heart and soul!
Trust me, I can assure you of a new world!
Please give up and accept me!
Yes! Close your eyes and SLEEP!

Something that makes you feel…

Happy, Sad

Wanting & Never-ending

Sweet, Bitter

Overpowering & Disheartening

Carefree, Worried

Irrelevant & Insular

Cherished, Neglected

Appreciative & Trivial

Delighted, Irked

Eventful & Nostalgic

is a MEMORY!

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