All about Me!

Hi, thanks for visiting my page. 

I am an Asian, at present an Australian, not sure what else is in store!

I might have a lot of irrelevant details but I strongly hope that a few might help you. There is a saying which I believe –

Somebody’s mistake is somebody else’s learning!”  -unknown

I also believe that when you say something to a child, it gets registered in their brain and someday it might be useful or might even create a deja vu effect. So, if at all anything that you saw or read in my scribbling helped you in any ways, please write to me and that’s the best thing you could do to me!

So, what can you expect in this blog? 

I am going to pour out my thoughts. No particular topic rather everything I could relate myself to, may be we can call it My experiences! 

Who am I?

I am a very versatile, bubbly personality! 🤓

I love to do many things – a jack of all trades! Dancing, Singing (sure, nobody could listen to), Cooking, Cleaning (spree), Yoga, Stretching, Photography, Art, Painting, Story writing, Scribbling (Trust me, it can help find your talent) .. never ending list! (Master of none though! that’s why may be I have many things to doodle! 😀 lol

In precise, I am an enthusiast!! 🤩

You can expect varied contents in my posts! Be with me, travel with me…

Life is too short to be taking it serious, life life to its fullest! Let the journey begin…

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 7.29.21 am

Too many thoughts to express? Words may fail, but hands will never!


Yes, that’s my case and so did I start the blog. Visit my site for more information, I might wake up at 2 and even share about my dreams!

Thanks for joining me 🙂